Tova Asher, DMD

General Dentistry Expert at Relief Dental

Dive into the world of Dr. Tova Asher, a leading figure in general dentistry at Relief Dental. Learn about her dedication to patient Care that Counts her commitment to dental excellence.

About Dr. Asher

Dr. Tova Asher is a cornerstone of general dentistry at Relief Dental. Her patient-first approach ensures that every individual feels heard, understood, and receives the best possible care tailored to their needs. Discover our patient-centric approach at Relief Dental.

Dedication to General Dentistry

Dr. Asher’s commitment to general dentistry revolves around the belief that foundational dental diligence is the key to long-term oral health. She emphasizes preventive care, patient education, and early intervention, ensuring that patients maintain optimal oral health and avoid potential complications. Her approach is holistic, considering not just the teeth but the overall health and well-being of her patients. Click here to learn more about our general dentistry services

Educational Background and Achievements

Dr. Asher’s academic journey in dentistry is marked by dedication and excellence. Graduating from the University of Georgia for undergraduate and Augusta University for dental school, she has consistently been at the forefront of adopting the latest techniques and technologies in general dentistry. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures that her patients receive care that’s both current and comprehensive.

Life Beyond the Clinic

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Asher is an avid traveler, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes. She also enjoys culinary adventures, experimenting with global cuisines, and sharing her love for food with friends and family.

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